What is worth seeing in Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains in general?

Tatra valleys

The nearest hiking trails of the Tatra National Park are separated from Wrota Chałubińskiego Apartments barely by a 15-minute walk. You should by all means see the Nosal Mountain, Kuźnice and the Biały Valley (Dolina Białego). If you’re planing a longer trip, sincerely recommended are the Kościeliska Valley (Dolina Kościeliska) or Chochołowska Valley (Dolina Chochołowska) or equally beautiful Roztoka, Bystra and Sucha Woda Valleys (Dolina Roztoki, Dolina Bystrej, Dolina Suchej Wody). Perfect destination for your afternoon walk, but also a starting point for exploring higher parts of the mountains. We will be most happy to tell you where you can take the most stunning pictures if you don’t know it yet. We know the mountains like the back of our hand, let us guide you.

Trips to the Tatra ridge

If you’re a more advanced hiker, you’ll certainly fall head over heels in love with these long, absolutely breathtaking trails taking you to the very top of the Tatra ridge. The red trail going from Zawrat up to the Krzyżne Pass (Przełęcz Krzyżne), called Eagle's Path (Orla Perć), is a true star of them all. No doubt it’s one of the most demanding trails, which can be climbed by skilled hikers without the assistance of a Tatra guide. If, having made it to the Eagle’s Path, you still feel like you want more, we will be most happy to suggest some more difficult trips to you.

Skiing, snowboarding, ski touring

No matter if you’ve been practising winter sports for years or you’re just a beginner taking your first ski or snowboard steps, Zakopane and the surroundings are simply perfect for you. There’s the Kasper Peak (Kasprowy Wierch), the Holy Mountain of the Polish skiing, there are dozens of ski – leisure resorts, like e.g. Harenda and Szymoszkowa Meadow (Polana Szymoszkowa)… You’ll find here formidable slopes for learning, like Nosal or Pod Krokwią. If you wish, the close vicinity of Zakopane offers nice slopes too. Thus, here, you can enjoy both the winter sports infrastructure of the region and the advantages of staying in the very centre of the city, because that’s where our aparthotel is located.
Or perhaps you’re looking for something absolutely extraordinary? The standard way of spending your winter holidays bores you to tears? So, why don’ you try ski touring or cross-country skiing? Haven’t tried it before? No problem! Let us give you a helping hand then. We will take care of everything.

SPA, massage, thermal baths

In truth, Zakopane is so much more than the majestic Tatra Mountains, skiing and highlanders only. It’s an oasis of relaxation too! If you’re tired and down in the dumps, we’ve got something absolutely special for you. Our aparthotel offers a truly exclusive SPA & Wellness Zone with saunas and a large Jacuzzi. Still not enough? Well, there’s a good bunch of thermal bath resorts around, a pride of the Podhale region. Hot springs and lots of water attractions at the Chochołowskie Thermal Baths, Zakopane Aquapark, Bukovina Thermal Baths, Bania Thermal Baths or a bit further located Gorący Potok and Szaflary Thermal Baths will surely warm up your body and soul, or perhaps something more. Warm pools filled with water from underground sources, sauna sessions, aromatherapy, massages, slides… The list of attractions is so long that you would have fallen asleep before we got to the end.

Extreme emotions

Wanting a kick of adrenaline in your veins? Zakopane and the surroundings are full of such attractions. You can climb natural rocks, try off-roading, ride a quad, snowmobile or risk everything and choose mountain river rafting. Our staff will be most happy to help you choose and organise your idea, in this way, your stay in Zakopane will be really unforgettable! Wrota Chałubińskiego Apartments is a luxurious aparthotel, that is true. But we’re also your partner in the Tatra adventure.

Bird’s eye view Tatra

Yearning for excitement and a thrill of emotions? So you will love this flight, for it shows you the Tatra Mountains from a whole new perspective. The local airport offer a wide palette of sightseeing flights – you can choose either a glider, a balloon or a plane. Sounds like your cup of tea? We can help you organise it, just give us a sign. You’ll never ever forget it!

Culinary trips

The man does not live on hiking, skiing or thermal bathing alone. Zakopane is tasty! You’ll find here a whole myriad of delicious inns serving local delicacies as well as fancy restaurants with a rich fine dining offer recommended by the Yellow Guide Gault & Millau. We’ll be most happy to help you find your perfect oasis of flavours. No matter if you’d like to dine with your family, your friends or your beloved one, we’ll always have the right restaurant for you. And if you’d rather stay indoors, we can organise a culinary show or a tasting session here on the spot, at our aparthotel.