SPA & Wellness Zone Rules

I. SPA & Wellness Zone

  1. The Rules and Regulations for the SPA & Wellness Zone are intended to provide the Guests with safety and comfort as well as to maintain order and cleanness at the Facility.
  2. Before using the SPA & Wellness Zone, please make yourself acquainted with the Rules and Regulations as well as with all the contraindications for the facilities offered.
  3. All the persons staying on the premises of the SPA & Wellness Zone are obliged to comply with the Rules and Regulations, the instructions of use and any information given by the staff.
  4. Should a person violate the provisions of these Rules and Regulations, they shall be required to leave the SPA & Wellness Zone.
  5. The Wrota Chałubińskiego is not liable for any accidents which arise as a result of not following these Rules and Regulations as well as instructions given by the staff.
  6. The SPA & Wellness Zone is open:
    • 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm (available for exclusive use, please book in advance)
    • 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  7. The entire SPA & Wellness Zone is a non-smoking area.
  8. Please do not bring any valuables to the SPA & Wellness Zone. The Wrota Chałubińskiego shall not bear liability therefor if these items get lost or stolen.
  9. For the sake of a general comfort, using your own radios, photo cameras, video cameras and stereo equipment is prohibited, unless you have rented the entire zone for your exclusive use.
  10. Bringing and consuming alcohol, intoxicants etc., bringing pets, food or beverages as well as consuming meals or beverages outside the areas intended for the purpose, the same as destroying the zone equipment, bringing any dangerous items (packaging or other things made of glass, vacuum packaging) and manipulating the technical equipment is strictly forbidden.
  11. Bringing and using your own chemical products (including cosmetics) is prohibited.
  12. If, against the regulations, the Guest brings glass or other packaging to the SPA & Wellness Zone, and the item in question gets broken in the water, the Facility shall charge the User the cost of refiling the pool anew, i.e. the amount of PLN 2000.
  13. Please avoid loud conversations. Remember there are also other Guests present who wish to enjoy their relaxation undisturbed.
  14. For the sake of your comfort of stay, the SPA & Wellness Zone is only available to the Guests of the Wrota Chałubińskiego Apartments.
  15. It may happen that the use of the entire zone or a part thereof is temporarily suspended due to the need for repair, maintenance etc. The facility owners reserve the right to close the SPA & Wellness Zone once a year for a time period necessary to carry out renovation and repair works.
  16. The User shall be liable for any damage caused by improper use of the Facility and its equipment.
  17. Any possible irregularities or safety breaches should be reported to the staff immediately.
  18. Observing order and maintaining cleanness in the SPA & Wellness Zone is obligatory.

II. Finnish sauna

  1. Only healthy persons may use the sauna. By using the sauna, you hereby declare full physical and health capability to use treatments of that sort and do it at your own risk, being the sole person responsible for your health condition.
  2. Minors are prohibited from using the sauna, unless attended by adults.
  3. Any adjustments to the sauna equipment, especially to the stove, may only be carried out by the staff.
  4. It is prohibited to pour water or any chemicals on the stove, and the only person who may pour water on the stove is the operating staff member.
  5. Before entering the sauna and between subsequent sessions, please take a shower to clean your skin.
  6. Please take off any jewellery, eyeglasses and contact lenses, for they might cause burns.
  7. When sauning naked, please cover your body with a towel. In the sauna cabin, please sit down on a towel.
  8. Please start with the lowest benches and proceed upwards.
  9. Make sure you are not sitting too close to the heaters – the stove in the dry sauna.
  10. Please stay calm and quiet.
  11. Should you be unwell, press the alarm button immediately.
  12. For the sake of your safety – the highest temperature allowed in the dry sauna is 85°C.
  13. Entering the sauna twice, each time for approximately 15 minutes, is perfectly sufficient. Extended sauining is dangerous to your health.
  14. After each sauna session, please take a shower. Between sessions and after having ended your sauning, please rest and replenish the fluid amount in your body.
  15. It is contraindicated to use soap when cooling your body down after sauning.
  16. If you suddenly feel weak, stop sauning immediately.
  17. After sauning, please avoid any physical effort and do not use Jacuzzi.
  18. In case of the following diseases and ailments, sauning is strongly contraindicated: elevated body temperature, acute inflammation of internal organs (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, after a stroke, after a heart attack), tuberculosis, cancer, persistent vegetative state of the central nervous system, directly after intensive physical endurance training, skin ailments and any other diseases which constitute medical contraindications for sauining (e.g. cold, flu, fever, mycosis, skin diseases, acute phase of rosacea, hypertension, varicose veins, ulcers, kidney failure, lung diseases, asthma, venereal diseases, glaucoma, daltonism, acute and chronic diseases, thyroid diseases, tumours, infection focuses, e.g. toothache), diabetes, being under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, pregnant women, young children, menstruating women.
  19. By using the sauna, you declare that you have read and accepted the Rules and Regulations given above

III. Pool with Jacuzzi

  1. The pool with Jacuzzi constitutes an integral part of the Wrota Chałubińskiego Apartments and on its premises, the General Rules and Regulations as well as the Pool Rules are to be observed.
  2. Children up to the age of 13 years may stay on the pool premises and bathe only if accompanied by adults. For young children, a constant contact at arm’s length is required.
  3. Before entering the pool with Jacuzzi, please wash your whole body in the shower using soap and warm water.
  4. Before entering the pool, please take off your flip-flops.
  5. The pool may be used solely by healthy persons or persons whose ailments do not constitute contraindications therefor.
  6. Persons with cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and gastric dysfunctions as well as pregnant women should consult a doctor first and use the pool as well as the Jacuzzi with special caution.
  7. The pool may not be used by persons with acute dermatological diseases, infectious diseases, open wounds, with symptoms of frequent injections, whose personal hygiene is poor, having balance disorders, behaving in an aggressive manner, being under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants.
  8. The responsibility for the effects of staying in the pool or Jacuzzi is borne solely by the Users themselves.